The Grand Collab w/ D II & Deaf To The Industry, Trails, Deaf Poets, Table For Three, No Borders Art Tournament, Pop-Up Art Auction Presented by The Mercury Collective, Visuals Provided by Illuminated Paths

The Grand Collab w/ D II & Deaf To The Industry, Trails, Deaf Poets, Table For Three, No Borders Art Tournament, Pop-Up Art Auction Presented by The Mercury Collective, Visuals Provided by Illuminated Paths

Sat, December 9, 2017

9:00 pm

Will's Pub

Orlando, FL


This event is 21 and over

The Grand Collab
The Grand Collab
THE GRAND COLLAB is a genre-spanning showcase with groups ranging from hip hop and blues rock to lo-fi pop, shoegaze and acoustic soul. Hosted by TKO and DJ Cub.
D II & Deaf To The Industry
D II is an eclectic Hip Hop artist from Fredericksburg Virginia. Recording for the last 5 years, he is finally coming into his own and making a name for himself on the local music scene. D II has been labeled an underground/indie rapper that seeks to capture audiences of different backgrounds and different social standings in a way to unify people through music. Now residing in Orlando Florida he has opened up for National acts, such as the Roots & Kid Cudi, in addition to: Planet Asia, Whole Wheat Bread The Supervillians, Astronautlis, and plenty others. He recently finished his First E.P “Evolution of a Man”, the host of his own monthly hip hop night, and is the newest artist to Second Subject Recordings. With songs like “On a Mission” and “Time” you can hear the hard work and passion that he has for music and his energy performing live is unmatched.
Experimental electronic, funked out, instrumental, Jazz'esq, Latin, math rock duo from Orlando
Deaf Poets
Deaf Poets
The Miami Beach duo consists of Sean Wouters and Nicolas Espinosa. Their music has the starkness of garage rock combined with the eagerness of ’80s punk, and some bluesy melancholy mixed in for good measure.
Table For Three
Table For Three is a musical concept created by Sean Shakespeare, Jamar X, and TKO. In May of 2013 the three friends came together in a way that can only be described as serendipitous. That night they created The Misfits Anthem, an ode to those who dare to be different. After the release of The Misfits Anthem, the trio decided to continue to make good music together, eventually being dubbed the "Gifted Misfits". Table For Three refuses to be called a band, simply because they aren't one. They are the physical manifestation of your dreams, and your fears, they aren't afraid to say the things that most people can't, or won't put into words. With the eclectic styles of each one of them used as a starting point, every song sounds different. The quality of the sound is pristine, and both the lyrical and musical ability are undeniable. The "Gifted Misfits" of Table For Three are three separate artists, from three different states, and three different walks of life, that come together as a unit for one reason, and one reason only, to create high quality, timeless music.
No Borders Art Tournament
No Borders Art Tournament
After a year and a half of building this unique platform for artists to challenge themselves while putting on a show. We were overwhelmed with all the artists that want to participate. What better way to test their skills then on our 4ft x 4ft canvases in an 8 artist tournament.

The 4 winners will qualify to compete on our 6ft x 6ft competitions starting early next year.

Our original rules apply.

4 Black markers with different tips
One color marker
4ft x 4ft Smooth White Canvas
30 Minutes to Complete

Artists get judged on 5 categories
1. Creativity and Originality
2. Neatness
3. Time Management
4. Use of Color Marker
5. Overall Balance

The Crowd gets to pick The Peoples Champ before the judges ruling is announced.
Artists for our first tournament are as follows:
Don Rimx
Jesika Butler
Heidi Kneisl (The Naysayer)
Dante Seven Alvarado
Darrell C Johnson
Todd Bot
Luce Sky
Alejandro Ruiz aka Revel

Our trusty judges:Earl Lugo, Stazo Oner, Special Guest Judge Josue Ortiz
Our house DJ spinning that 90's hip hop we all grew up listening to and falling in love with Chris Mendez aka DJ Cubby and laying down some cuts, scratches and bruises DJ Sureshot (Theo Sureshot Smith)

Sponsored by:
KÚLT. Clothing

F.O.E #FamzOvaErrthang

Apopka Downtow Barbers
Tel: 407-889-9600

Art vending by:
Bernard Cruz and Eric Frost
Venue Information:
Will's Pub
1042 N. Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL, 32803