Kaleigh Baker and Her Enablers, Hank & Cupcakes, Eugene Snowden, Daryl Hance

Celebrating 22 Years of Will's Pub All Month Long

Kaleigh Baker and Her Enablers, Hank & Cupcakes, Eugene Snowden, Daryl Hance

Sat, September 2, 2017

8:00 pm

Will's Pub

Orlando, FL

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Kaleigh Baker and Her Enablers
Kaleigh Baker and Her Enablers
“Among the many gifts given with both hands to formerly local, currently New York-prowling singer-songwriter Kaleigh Baker – aside from that Swiss Army knife of a voice – is her innate grasp of momentum. On her new EP, The Weight of It All, Baker and producer Justin Beckler play the puppet masters, building suspense without ever seeming coy about it. Baker is capable of communicating volumes with a simple vocal lilt, and on the moments in which her register nose-dives headfirst into the emotional muck (“Sugardaddy”) or propels like a jet into the stratosphere (“Love Letter to a Burning Man”), she never fails to rouse the senses.” ” The Weight of It All is the roar of a soulful lioness and will go a long way toward proving to the world what Orlando’s known for a long time: Kaleigh Baker is a legend in the making.” – Justin Strout, Orlando Weekly

She takes another hit of whiskey and heads out with her band, a star sextet she's amassed from members of local jazz crew Swing in Time and Sam Rivers' Rivbea Orchestra. And then, she goes nearly deaf.

"I couldn't hear anything. I was in some weird zone," says Baker.

What happens after that moment is entirely unpredictable and nearly magical. With impeccable swagger, vocal chops as playful as Diane Schuur with a Patti Smith bent and backing musicians telekinetically linked to Baker's every whim, she shrugs off the jitters and brings the house down. Behind the enraptured masses and off to the side sits Baker's benefactor, Alexandra Sarton, that inescapable invisible hand of Orlando's female music scene, grinning knowingly and nodding her head.
Eugene Snowden
Eugene Snowden
Eugene Snowden from the Legendary JC's presents his side projects the JC Jumpers. This is a mix of Jump Blues, Funk, and soul. With Eugene Snowden, you know it'll always a great time and a stage FULL of talent!
Daryl Hance
Daryl Hance
With Wild Blue Iris, out May 6 2016 on Devil Down Records, Daryl Hance returns with another dusty slab of Southern-flavored psychedelic swampy groove music with enough hearty sides to satisfy most anyone whose appetite consists of pre-1975 or so funk and blues-inspired rock and roll music fortified with searing bluesy guitars, fuzzy super-fat vintage tones, heaps of bottom-end, and transcendental songs high on life, hope, fun, love, and living. Wild Blue Iris, the third full-length album from the Jacksonville, Florida singer/guitarist, is a burner of heaping proportions best ingested with your beverage of choice, and a taste of some of your finest herbal-essence. The added company of a few friendly folks, some lovely ladies, and a can-do attitude could only help make things here more enjoyable. Its tone is a vibe harkening back to the days of the magic created in the mid/late 1960s through the early to mid 1970s, music drenched in blues and funk, played with a heart-on-your-sleeve spirit no-nonsense rock and roll attitude of good times and great songs. At just over 48 minutes in length, the deal here is simply start at the front of the album, play through to the end, then repeat as deemed necessary and share. For optimum results, play it really loud with lots of low-end as this music is created and designed to be listened to at a volume where you can feel the bottom and experience it fully!

Hance on Wild Blue Iris…

“The Florida Wild Blue Iris is a wildflower that grows all around my yard in Northeast Florida. It opens up in the morning, stays open for a few hours, then closes back. I had payed little attention to this pretty little flower, only knowing of its existence in passing until a short while ago when I did a random post on the internet with an attached photo of this pretty little “weed” as the subject of my post. Someone said it was known as a Florida Wild Blue Iris, and I thought to myself, “wow, didn’t even know it”. That got me wondering about all the other things that exist in plain sight that go largely unnoticed that I’d maybe paid little attention to except in passing. The yard was full of those kinds of things. It was a waking up and smelling of the flowers for the first time moment on things that go virtually unnoticed right under my nose, and ended up being a good idea for an album title that I really liked. I broke out the camera and got some shots from around the yard and started messing around with photos and it all fell together rather quickly. It seemed to work very well with the material and kind of culminated on the album’s finale, the short instrumental title track “Wild Blue Iris”, with the slide guitar running through it sounding like a little bee buzzing around amongst some flowers on a warm spring day getting his bee thing on. It also resonated very well lyrically on songs like “Those Vibrations” with, “when the sun is shining and the birds are singing from the treetops of the world, just laugh and greet it with all you're feeling get your wings out in the air" or on the song “With The Tide” with, “a rolling with the tide, and I'm gonna have a good time". All about grabbing you a big ol’ slice of life, smelling the flowers, and enjoying the world around you. Or at least staying aware of it as much as you can be aware of it at any given moment with minimal distraction. Not exactly an easy feat in this “modern” society pandora’s box of endless distractions at the tips of your everything, available 24/7/365 where everything in existence is of the utmost importance requiring 100% of your immediate attention to every little detail of anything that comes across your radar. Sometimes you just gotta drop it all, wake up, and do yourself a huge favor by taking some moments to look around you and smelling all the flowers!”

Daryl Hance will be hitting the road hard in support of Wild Blue Iris with his live band Daryl Hance Powermuse, a not to be missed high-octane power-packed punch of deeply hypnotic grooves, good times, and a deep catalog of great songs readily available for everyone to dig in on, and groove out to!
Hank & Cupcakes
Hank & Cupcakes
"Fresh new artist" - MTV.com

"Funky fresh sound" - New York Post

"Hard and fast yet so electro-disco, Hank & Cupcakes spin vicious pop that is just as good for rocking out as it is for dancing. They sound insanely polished, they have boundless energy…either we’re getting punked somehow or this duo is looking at quick big things." - Metromix New York

"The most fun you will have listening to any band in the new year." - Huffington Post

"When Hank & Cupcakes take the stage, their infectious energy dominates the room, generating a fierce groove that immediately has the crowd up and moving." - Flavorpill New York

“Williamsburg duo Hank & Cupcakes pumps out tight, funky indie pop with impressively sturdy hooks. ” - Time Out New York

"…irresistibly danceable" - Paste

"The distinctive edgy sound and overall attitude of this minimalist but successful duo is reminiscent of New York City’s energy and restlessness combined with bits of soulfulness and youthful spirit." - The Deli NYC

"In only a year the Brooklyn based duo known as Hank & Cupcakes have become underground music royalty in New York City." - Examiner.com New York

"Hank & Cupcakes' brand of dance music is both well-executed and catchy. Standing at the drums, Cupcakes kept the beat and remained alarmingly pitch perfect as Hank brought the funk with some incredibly skillful bass work..." - Jezebel Music

"Hank & Cupcakes manages to combine superb songwriting with the infectious rhythmic patterns of early '70s disco and funk, and audience-friendly hooks." - Hybrid Magazine

"The duo's impressive sound is so big that it's hard to believe that they are only a two piece band…This band is fun, unique, very talented, and if you get the chance to check them out live, you won't regret it." - Examiner.com Boston

Our Bio:
Hank & Cupcakes started out of Boredom. Here’s what happened:
We’d just recently returned from a crazy weird adventure in Havana, Cuba, where we’d been intensely studying Cuban Music for six months. It got a bit too crazy so we decided to go back to Tel Aviv, wrap up our lives and relocate to New York. We didn’t know anyone, we had no plan, it was just a hunch.

We weren’t taking on any new projects during this transition period, so one day I said to Hank, “Let’s just have a rehearsal and see what happens.” We knew there was no point in recruiting more musicians since we were going to leave anyway, so it was just us: Hank on the bass and me, Cupcakes, on the vocals & drums, fucking around.

One rehearsal led to another and another until Hank eventually said about a week later: “Why don’t we just rehearse everyday?” We didn’t plan on becoming a bass & drums duo, we thought that once we’d arrive to NYC we’d meet more musicians and form a ‘proper’ band, but during those few months of intense daily rehearsing, a sound was developing that was different and it became clear that this there was nothing missing.

We arrived in NYC late 2008 and were blown away by this magnificent inspiring city and it’s inhabitants. We had no idea what to do or how to start so the first thing we did was rent a daily slot at a rehearsal studio. The city was like a turbo engine in our creative process and new songs were fast to come. We had no idea who to talk to about booking a show and how the whole ‘business’ worked but after writing email after email, combing the city for venues we finally booked our first show at the end of 2008. There were 13 people there including Hank’s parents who were visiting and a handful of (the only) people we knew and the other band who played with us that night. The excitement of playing in New York City started such a fire in our bones that we didn’t stop and played every single show we were offered, hauling our gear in the subway and through the snow since we didn’t want to spend money on taxis. It came to a point where we were playing 3-4 shows a week in NYC alone. We then decided to spread our wings and started playing out of the city as much as we could. A weekend turned into a week which turned into a month and so on. Since arriving to the U.S, we’ve played hundreds of shows all over the country including some really awesome festivals and clubs.

Last August we flew to Berlin to record our debut album at the famous Hansa Studios where U2, David Bowie, R.E.M, Iggy Pop and many more legends have recorded legendary music. We made the album with Swedish producer Ludwig Boss and had the most incredible musical experience of our lives. Our new EP, 'Ain't No Love,' featuring the first single "Sweet Potion," was released on October 22, 2012 and our full-length album is due in early 2013.

We’re forever grateful to all the people who believe in us, to all our fans who come to our shows and to New York City for being an endless source of inspiration. See you soon on the road!

Hank & Cupcakes
Venue Information:
Will's Pub
1042 N. Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL, 32803